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Audiometry and tympanometry are diagnostic methods that test hearing and establish the degree of hearing impairments if any.

Spring, sunny days with moderate temperatures are the right time to spend outdoors, but we must not lose sight of the fact that sun exposure and some kinds of plants can leave a “trace” on our skin. Some alterations can occur in anyone of us, and some only in predisposed persons.

pedijatrija--alercijeThe allergies in children are a large group of conditions manifesting at the contact with allergens either from the environment, living space, or a specific kind of food or drugs. Breathing pathways allergies can be either seasonal or non-seasonal. The non-seasonal (perennial) allergies occur all year round and they include: allergies to dust, mould, mites, dog or cat hairs. The season of allergies is related to plant pollens and can be allergies to grass, tree and flower plants pollens. The pollen season in Serbia lasts from the end of February to the end of November. The allergies caused by tree pollens in early spring, grass pollens in late spring time, weed pollens in late summer and fall/autumn. The allergy symptoms are less pronounced during rainy periods and more pronounced in the warm and windy periods, so that spending time outdoors is to avoid.

astma-foto--tekst-Dr-ZdravkoviAllergic asthma in adults is considered to be one of the most frequent chronic lung inflammatory diseases. It manifests through recurring episodes of whizzing, laboured breathing, cough. The symptoms can be relieved spontaneously or with medicaments. The disease is not completely curable, yet it can be kept under control. In more than a half of patients, the first symptoms occur in childhood before the tenth year of age.

Sezonske-kijaviceThe allergic sneezing is a nasal mucosa inflammation caused by the generation of antibodies triggered by the allergic reaction to the relative allergens. The first contact with the allergen can pass with no symptoms, but then comes sensitization. The next contact with the same allergen brings on an allergic reaction that manifests immediately. An important factor in the occurrence of the disease is first of all hereditary predisposition. Most patients have a topic constitution – predisposition in other words, one parent or both parents are ill with allergic sneezing or asthma. The disease is more frequent in boys born in spring or summer.

okoThe eye is the gate all notions and facts about the world that surrounds us pass through into our conscience. It is most intimately connected with our mind, hence, the belief that our eyes are our soul’s mirror. Thus, sight impairments and blindness are considered the gravest disability.

Sistematski pregledi dece, odgovarajuća korekcija ili operacija dijagnostikovane razrokosti značajno su smanjili slabovidost.
Dioptrijske mane kao što su dalekovidost, kratkovidost, astigmatizam, razrokost i brojne bolesti očiju (glaukom, distrofija rožnjače, mrežnjače, itd.) se nasleđuju, zbog čega su potrebne rane i česte kontrole oftalmologa.

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