Hialluronic acid is the skin inherent part and it is for its water-holding property that it plays key role in keeping the skin moist, soft and well-toned.
Desirial is specially meant for application in the genital region in two forms, such as:

  • Desirial – vagina dryness relief method in menopaused women or women still in reproductive period and for increase of G-point contact surface, for an easier and more intensive orgasm.
  • Desirial plus against outer lips (labia majora) hypotrophy, restoring their freshness and firmness.

The injection is carried out in the outpatient clinic; it is painless and with no complications.
The intervention is made by Ms. Tatjana Pavlović, MD, gynecologist-obstetrician, a certified Desirial products instructor and educator.

Pregnancy, as a new, wonderful and unique condition in a woman’s life takes a watchful eye by each and every gynecologist-obstetrician.
In our “MEDIKOM” outpatient center a pregnant woman is approached with special care. We provide her all the standard pregnancy monitoring methods from gynecologists examination through colposcopy to ultrasound examinations. Apart from the prenatal screening in the first three months of pregnancy, each pregnant woman is advised to do an additional expert ultrasound examination in the second trimester of pregnancy. We have the necessary state-of- the-art support, so that the analyses are mostly ready within a day, and thepatients are informed about the results in person or via e-mail.

A new life in miniature is not only a parental joy and pride; it is OUR joy and pride as well!

Expert ultrasound implies a thorough, fetus-morphology ultrasound examination. It serves us to detect anomalies if any. As it is much more precise than an ordinary obstetrician ultrasound, it takes both a good and sophisticated ultrasound equipment and special expertise by physician. If these prerequisites are met, the examination enables us to detect even 50 per cent more anomalies than with the application of an ordinary ultrasound examination. That is why each and every pregnant woman is advised to do it, especially between the twentieth and the twenty-fourth week of gestation. Note that you do not need a 4-D equipment for the examination and that a 4-D- equipment examination does not necessarily mean that it is an expert ultrasound examination.


The Laser Condyloma Removal is one of the Condyloma removal methods and is considered one of the most efficient. You have at your disposal local anesthesia during the intervention. For most of the patients the Laser Condyloma Removal is a safe procedure – even for pregnant women. The recovery time is dependent on the localization and the number of the Condyloma removed.


Electrocauterization is another, Condyloma removal efficient method. Electrocaureization is Condyloma removal by high-frequency current. If need be, the patient has local anesthesia at her disposal. The recovery depends on the localization and number of the Condyloma removed. It is the gynecologist in agreement with the patient who has the final say when deciding the Condyloma removal method to apply.


Our gynecologists team follows and monitors the reproductive health in women of all ages.
You can have an annual comprehensive examination (gynecologist examination bimanual examination, speculum examination, gynecologic ultrasound, examination with vaginal or abdominal probe, colposcopy, PAP’s tests, vaginal smear, altogether as a package or any of the examinations separately. If need be, you can have the vaginal or cervical smear, Chlamydia trachomatis, Mycoplasma hominis and Ureaplasma (Ureaplasma urealitycum).