Physical medicine and rehabilitation:

Physical medicine is energy application for injury and disease prevention and cure. In the “MEDIKOM” outpatient center the physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist determines to each patient a personalized therapy geared towards an improvement of overall health condition and problems alleviation.
The therapeutic methods used are: laser, diodynamic current (DDC), galvanic current, ultrasound, interferential currents (IFC), TENS – transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation and Kinesitherapy.


EEG is a neurophysiological method that records electric brain activity via electrodes applied to the scalp. The record shows brain waves of a variety of frequencies α /alpha/, β /beta/, δ /delta/ and θ /theta/ brain waves, awakeness and sleep, as well as pathologic neurologic conditions such as: epilepsy, brain stroke (insult) and other kinds of brain damage; it is also used with muscle twitches (myoclonus) of diverse origin (aetiology) to detect the cause. It is used for stimulation of some strange conditions conducive to the record disturbance; they are used for more rapid breathing (hyperventilation) photo-stimulation and sleep recording after a longer awakeness period.


EMNG is an electrophysiological method screening muscle and peripheral nerves electric activity. Electromyography (EMG) records muscle fibers’ action potential at rest, at a moderate and at a maximum contraction.
Electroneurography (ENG) screens the conduction velocity of specified sensory and motor nerves. It is carried out to diagnose a variety of muscular diseases (myopathies) and peripheral nerve diseases (injuries, diabetes,alcoholism, kidney diseases, spine diseases, nerve paresis and nerve paralysis.


In physical medicine, low-power LASERs are employed, achieving a bio-stimulation effect without heat effect and with no morphological alterations of the beamed tissue. It is efficient in pain relief, inflammation processes lessening, tissue regeneration and restoring, shortens recovery time, and has a beneficial effect in muscle fibers regenerations (sports injuries), peripheral nerve, bone and skin regeneration. It is also efficient with spine diseases, spondylosis and rheumatism. LASER helps in tissue regeneration with burns. It must not be used with pregnancy, in persons with epilepsy, it is not recommended in children, in bone growth zone and in persons having frequent bleedings (haemorrhagic syndrome), or malignancy.

DIADYNAMIC CURRENTS (DDC) are direct – one-direction, low frequency, sinusoidal currents. They are very efficient pain relievers and their analgesic effects last several hours after the therapy. They stimulate muscles after a long rest and the circulation. They must not be applied with pregnancy, deep veins thrombosis or high fever.

Is a steady DC, of constant voltage. It is used to improve circulation, lessen inflammation, as a pain reliever and this method serves also to introduce some medicinal substances.

Is used for therapeutic purposes, as a pain reliever, to lessen local swelling (oedema), it shortens tendon and muscle recovery, is efficient with joint (articular) problems and cicatrisation (scar healing).

Are alternating low-frequency sinusoidal currents, achieving a therapeutic effect deep in tissue. They are used for better tissue oxygenation and more rapid elimination of waste matter from the body. They stimulate muscles and bring to more rapid bone healing with fractures.

TENS – transcutaneous electric neuro-stimulation
TENS are with acute, chronic and neurogenic pain; lessens pain killers (analgesics) use

Uses movement as the main means for functional improvement of specific body parts and the body as a whole. It is carried out under the professional supervision of a schooled and trained physiotherapist, and the patient does a variety of active and passive exercises. It is used with back pains, neck, joints, after bone fracture or with irregular posture consequences.