Pulmology is an internal medicine branch dealing with diagnostics and treatment of patients with breathing and lung problems.

The “MEDIKOM” outpatient center’s physicians with their long-standing experience address successfully the prevention, diagnostics and treatment of all pulmonary diseases.

  • Lung diseases caused by infection.
    Acute bronchitis
    Lung and pleura inflammatory disease (pneumonia and pleurisy)
    Fungous lung diseases (fungi-caused lung diseases)
  • Bronchial asthma.
  • Chronic obstructive lung disease (COLD/COPD /Br/)
  • Lung emphysema
  • Chronic respiratory insufficiency
  • Pulmonary embolism and infarction
  • Lung and pleura tumours
  • Lung fibrosis, sarcoidosis
  • ***

Services provided.

  • Pulmologist – pneumophthisiologist’s examination ARRANGE ONLINE
  • Allergy tests for inhalation and food allergens
  • Spirometry (lung function test)
  • Bronchodilators (“Ventolin®”)
  • Sputum cytology test (sputum culture sample)
  • Sputum bacteriologic test
  • Sputum culture test for TB Bacillus
  • PPD test (tuberculin test)


  • Inhalation therapy
  • Intravenous therapy (i.v.) therapy
  • Intramuscular (i.m.) therapy


Spirometry (lung function test) is a diagnostic method to measure lung capacity and air flow through the air passages. The method is non-invasive and the patient’s active participation is a must. It is important in diagnosing asthma, chronic obstructive lung disease (COLD) and lung fibrosis.

Bronchodilators test (“Ventolin®”) is applied when an assessment is needed of the airflow through the air passages before and after the administration of “Ventolin®” or “Berodual”. It is relevant in confirmation of asthma diagnosis.

Skin allergy tests for inhalation allergens (allergens in the air, home dust, home mites, weed, grass and tree pollens, animal hair, mold, etc are carried out by Prick’s method applied on the inner forearm skin to prove the allergenic origin of discomforts in the air passages. (e.g.: allergic asthma) The result is ready in ten minutes’ time.