Pediatrics a.k.a. “child healthcare” or “child medicine” – comprehensive examinations and vaccination (according to Vaccination Calendar) of your healthy child; following and monitoring of his/her growth and development; child specialist and sub-specialist examinations; diagnostic and treatment of your sick child in the “MEDIKOM” outpatient center or at home.

Comprehensive child examinations schedule from birth to the majority (coming of age)

  • Child specialist planned examinations, vaccinations, laboratory analyses.

In the maternity hospital:

  • Vaccination against tuberculosis (BCG) immediately after birth (post-delivery)
  • The first dose of the vaccine against hepatitis B (HB= + immunoglobulin in new-born infants, HBs antigen in positive mothers (hBG) in the first 24 hours.
  • Screening (test for phenylketonuria (PKU) (a genetic disorder due to phenyl-alanine-hydroxylase enzyme deficiency and hypo-thyroidism (impaired function of the thyroid gland) in the first 5 (five) days following the birth.
  • Regular home visit to the baby and the mother – mother’s health condition check-up, especially breast-screening and the assessment of child health condition, education and training in newborn’s care – advice about diet and breast-feeding, bathing and umbilical stump – navel treatment – five days after leaving the maternity hospital