Oesophago-gastro- duodenoscopy (EGDC) is a diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic method which is applied to examine oesophagus, stomach and duodenum.

EGDC is the most precise and the most detailed digestive system upper parts examination, providing apart from precise visualization of lumen and mucous membrane, pathohistologic analysis sampling, thus completing the required diagnostic procedure. During EGDC it is possible to perform a variety of therapeutic interventions. It is possible to do the examination in local anaesthesia or in analgosedation (analgesia), which is absolutely comfortable for the patient and excludes any discomfort or uneasiness during the examination.

Colonoscopy is an endoscopic diagnostic and therapeutic method that is applied to examine anal canal, rectum, colon as a whole, and the ending part of the intestine. It is the most precise and detailed colon examination that permits pathohystologic analysis, sampling and colon therapeutic interventions. It can be done both with or without analgosedation (analgesia). Analgosedation provides a completely comfortable examination for the patient..

The physicians making the above examinations in the MEDIKOM CENTRE are:

1. Tatjana Cvejić, MD. Ph.D., specialized in gastroenterology
2. Nebojša Manojlović, MD, Ph.D., senior lecturer, gastroenterologist
3. Ivana Jovičić, MD, specialized in gastroenterology
4. Tamara Alempijević, MD, Ph.D., senior lecturer, gastroenterologist


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