The eye is the gate all notions and facts about the world that surrounds us pass through into our conscience. It is most intimately connected with our mind, hence, the belief that our eyes are our soul’s mirror. Thus, sight impairments and blindness are considered the gravest disability.

Sistematski pregledi dece, odgovarajuća korekcija ili operacija dijagnostikovane razrokosti značajno su smanjili slabovidost.
Dioptrijske mane kao što su dalekovidost, kratkovidost, astigmatizam, razrokost i brojne bolesti očiju (glaukom, distrofija rožnjače, mrežnjače, itd.) se nasleđuju, zbog čega su potrebne rane i česte kontrole oftalmologa.

The comprehensive examinations of children, proper correction or operation of diagnosed strabismus lessen significantly vision impairments. Vision impairments such as long-sightedness (presbyopia), short-sightedness (myopia), astigmatism, crossed eyes (strabismus), and numerous eye disease (glaucoma, corneal dystrophy, retinal dystrophy, etc.) are hereditary hence, early and frequent eye doctor check-ups are a must.

In young people with healthy eyes, short-distance and long-distance sight is equally good. At the age of 50, some old age long-sightedness appears, necessitating short-distance glasses. With age, eye diseases are more frequent, gradually damaging vision. Glaucoma – elevated intraocular pressure and yellow spot degeneration (EMD) diseases such as Diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, HTA, high lipids (HLP), anaemia, rheumatoid disease also influence vision. The modern lifestyle and PC daily use, are accompanied by a variety of sight impairments: eyelids disease, lachrymal sacs disease, dry eyes with redness, burning sensation and itching, lacrimation and discomfort affect the quality of life. The above disturbances do not endanger vision, but it is crucial to start the treatment early enough.

Acute inflammations bring patients to the eye physicians quite fast. However, many diseases’ incipient phase passes with no symptoms at all. Sometimes a significant loss of sight is detected by the eye physician during a routine check-up, and not rarely by the patient himself when, for instance, closing an eye he notices his other eye sight is blurred, lines distorted and letters or objects smaller. A preventive eye check-up can just detect irregularities, if any, and timely and proper treatment can stop the disease, keep sight and remove the impairment.

First, test your vision yourself: cover one eye and then the other. Can you see equally well? If in your family somebody is ill with elevated eye pressure, has yellow spot degeneration disease or gets blind, do not fail to see your ophthalmologist. Nowadays, state-of- the-art drugs and technology can cure many eye diseases, but it is a timely action that is crucial.

You are advised to have your eye check-ups, intra-ocular pressure and eye fundus regular annual check-ups. If anybody in your family has the eye disease, your check-ups should be at the age of fifty-some, your eye check-ups must be even more frequent.

Keep a watchful eye over your health and sight and act early enough!

Dr Verica Jovanović, MD – ophthalmologist.

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